mvp events





GAMbrinus dAY

  • MVP created and managed a completely fresh concept for an annual one day event in the city of Pilsen

  • the city of Pilsen was given an image boost in the style of a large summer fiesta

  • beer festival for a beer brand without its own special event

  • this included the largest staffed beer garden in the Czech Republic serving draught beer by the glass

    • 5000 seats catered

    • 14 pop up restaurants


Vinobraní na grébovce

  • most visited wine festival in Prague

  • in 2018 the festivals theme celebrated the Czech Century

  • over 50 wineries were represented and paired with specially selected food


Vibrant Nine

  • Prague's popular ethnic festival celebrating multiculturalism

  • more than 30 countries represent their culture through traditional music, dance, handmade souvenirs as well as home cuisine

  • estival functions to enlighten and unite people, prevent racism, xenophobia and other forms of racial intolerance



walpurgis night at Ladronka

  • the biggest Walpurgis Night in Central Europe full of activities and music

  • MVP organizes entire festival incl. financing - grants and partnerships




  • largest festival promotingleisure activities in Central Europe

  • primary aim of Ladronkafest is the prevention of drug use and other antisocial phenomena by offering healthy and active alternatives

  • MVP organizes entire festival incl. financing - grants and partnerships