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events for employees


T-Mobile NYC Party

  • full company event for every employee in Czech Republic

  • theme was NEW YORK CITY - The venue was transformed creating NYC specific landmarks and thematic elements - Central Park, Statue Of Liberty, yellow cabs, etc.

  • the program followed a theatrical program choreographed by a director of dramaturgy

  • catering provided by sister company - NO BOX Catering implementing Zero Waste



  • worldwide live employee event for KBC Group involving 6 countries

  • concept: beating the Guiness Book world record of having the largest number of quiz contestants competing simultaneously

  • quiz theme was based around cyber security

  • all participating countries were equipped with a transmission studio - countries communicated online


ČEZ celebration of lights

  • Christmas party for employees of ČEZ GROUP to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company

  • concept: '90’s Disco' with legendary arcade games, video DJ, stylized photo booths and Laser Dance

  • White Circus catering in fast food style